Dear County Delegate,

My name is Dean Cox. I am a candidate for the Washington County Commission. As a Washington County native, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been raised in St. George. While growing up, I had my regular chores which included milking the family cow and tending the large family garden. My parents taught me early in life the importance of hard work, integrity and service.

I met LaRene Leavitt while at studying at BYU. This spring will mark our 38th year together. Washington County was a great place for each of us to grow up and we decided it was exactly where we wanted to live and raise our family. We are proud of our four children and nine grandchildren.

In 1981, partnering with my brother Bob and his wife, we purchased the family business. For more than 30 years we operated Colorland Sales and Service, on North Bluff. It was there that I learned about paying taxes, meeting payroll obligations and working with the public.

As a ham radio enthusiast, emergency preparations and communications were something I felt very strongly about. That's why I volunteered, in my free time, to help maintain the Sheriff's radios and to serve as the County's Emergency Communications Coordinator.

That early community service eventually led me to more involvement. Following the Quail Lake Dike Disaster in 1990, then County Commissioner Gayle Aldred recognized a need for a County's Emergency Services Director and asked me if I would be willing to serve in that capacity. I was honored and willingly agreed.

As the County's Emergency Services Director, I wrote the first Washington County Emergency Response Plan and worked to make our communities safer by improving communication capabilities for Search and Rescue, local Fire Departments and other First Responders. These efforts proved pivotal when the Great Flood of 2005 put those plans and preparations to the test.

At the State level, I was elected Chairman of the State 911 Committee and helped expand the Emergency 911 Network to include compatibility with cellular telephones.

For the past seven years my primary assignment has been working closely with the Washington County Commission as County Administrator. This assignment has involved all aspects of the county's operations, including budgets, BLM and Forest Service, the Habitat Conservation Plan and the working towards the transfer of public lands. I know the issues confronting our County. I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to hit the ground running.

I love Washington County, its communities, and the people who live here. I hope that through my lifetime of service to both the Washington County Republican Party and the public that I have earned your confidence and trust.

If elected, I will of course resign my position as County Administrator and focus 100 percent of my time, energy and effort working to protect your rights and freedoms as only an effective County Commissioner can. I pledge to work hard for the Citizens of this great County.

My door will always be open to you and I hope you will contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Your support is vital. Together, we can be successful.

Thank you!

Dean J. Cox

Home phone: (435) 673-1987 Cellphone: (435) 668-5734

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"I believe in protecting our rights."